A thought-provoking documentary that seeks to ignite Lyme disease research is set to grace the screens of an Old City movie theater next week.

“The Quiet Epidemic” chronicles the journey of a teenager and a cancer researcher as they doggedly pursue answers to their enduring health issues. The film compellingly argues that Lyme disease can trigger a diverse array of symptoms that persist long after initial treatment, all while shedding light on the often unreliable nature of current tick-borne illness screening tests.

This exclusive screening will unfold at PFS East on Thursday, October 12, commencing at 7 p.m. Following the screening, an engaging Q&A session will take place, featuring the documentary’s protagonists and Lyme disease experts. The discussion will be skillfully moderated by none other than Executive Producer Sarena Snider, the daughter of the late Ed Snider, founder of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Entry to this illuminating event is absolutely free, but securing your spot is a must via Eventbrite registration.

Co-directed by Lindsey Keys and Winslow Crane Murdoch, both of whom battled Lyme disease in 2015, this documentary resonates with Snider, who was drawn to the project while on her own quest for answers regarding Lyme disease symptoms.

Since its debut last spring at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto, the film has graced over 20 prestigious film festivals. Today, it’s accessible for streaming on platforms like Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

Don’t miss this enlightening experience as “The Quiet Epidemic” unravels the mysteries of Lyme disease right here in Philly.