A recent White House memo asserts that Republican criticisms of President Biden’s memory indicate underlying fear. White House spokesperson Andrew Bates highlighted Biden’s achievements, including leading Democrats to historic midterm victories and numerous successes in 2023. The memo suggests that Republicans’ continued age-related attacks stem from their apprehension toward Biden’s capabilities and accomplishments.

This memo follows the release of a special counsel report on Biden’s handling of classified documents. While the report found no grounds for charges, it acknowledged Biden’s memory issues. Special Counsel Robert Hur noted Biden’s potential portrayal as a sympathetic figure with memory challenges, making conviction challenging.

Republican leaders, including House Speaker Mike Johnson and colleagues, seized on the report, branding Biden as “unfit” for office. They criticized the special counsel’s rationale for not recommending charges, citing concerns about Biden’s memory limitations.

The memo underscores a political battleground where attacks on Biden’s memory intersect with concerns over his fitness for office. As both parties navigate these dynamics, the White House remains steadfast in defending Biden’s record and character against Republican assaults.